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Baltic+ Salinity

Project Overview

This project aims to study the potential benefit of incorporating satellite-derived Sea Surface Salinity (SSS) measurements into oceanographic and environmental applications within the Baltic Sea. For such purpose, a team led by ARGANS Ltd (UK) with participation of Barcelona Expert Centre (BEC / ICM-CSIC, Spain) and the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI, Finland) will develop an innovative SSS product from the measurements obtained by the Earth Explorer SMOS.

The generation of the new regional SSS product incorporates advanced techniques for noise and bias correction to deal with the specific difficulties that the retrieval of salinity has in the region: land/sea contamination, sea/ice contamination, manmade radio-frequency interferences, and limitations in the current dielectric constant. The project will generate data by modifying substantially the existing production chain from L0 data to L4 maps, aiming to obtain meaningful information for applications.

The ESA Baltic+ Salinity project (Dec 2018 – June 2020) will contribute to reduce the knowledge gap in the characterization of the freshwater flux changes in the Baltic region.

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Develop and validate a new algorithm and novel approaches with the aim of producing the best quality validated SMOS SSS product in the Baltic region with its corresponding accuracy. Additionally, SMOS and SMAP data will be combined with the aim to improve the radiometric accuracy and the characterization of the product biases and stability.


Generate a long-term salinity dataset from 2011 up to date to be publicly offered to the scientific community. The products will be distributed daily with a temporal resolution of 9 days and a spatial resolution of 25Km (Lambert azimuthal equal area projection).


Further the current understanding of the oceanographic mechanisms taking place within the Baltic Sea, especially those relating to seasonal variability in both temperature and salinity, which result in changes the upper and lower water column stratification an the ventilation regime of the Baltic Sea.




Identify key regions within the Baltic Sea and demonstrate the potential value for scientific and operational applications.


Define a roadmap describing the future work to better characterize the freshwater fluxes for the Baltic Sea. The output of this project will be of great benefit for the on-going ESA Sea Surface Salinity Climate Change Initiative (CCI) project, which started in February 2018.

Data Access

Baltic+ Salinity aims to improve the current methodology of retrieving Sea Surface Salinity (SSS) from satellites. Any feedback about the quality and usability of this new dataset is more than welcome! The Baltic+ Team would love to hear about your research utilising the Baltic+ Salinity data and in return we ask that you appropriately reference this website in your work.

Baltic+ Salinity data to be made available in November 2019

Baltic+ Salinity

Case Studies

We have chosen several test areas from the Baltic Sea on the basis of their scientific importance, availability of in-situ data and their size.

The test areas are : Bothnian Sea, Central Baltic Sea Proper, Arkona Basin and Central Gulf of Finland.

Click on map pins to read a description of the available data over defined test regions.

ARGANS Limited

Baltic+ Salinity

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In association with our partners :


The Barcelona Expert Center (BEC) is a joint venture among Institute of Marine Sciences, CSIC (ICM),
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and Institute of Space Studies (IEC).


The Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) is a research and service agency under the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Baltic+ Salinity

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